Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Mythmas

I think every year I post something about the myths of Christmas.  When I read the Christmas story I see no donkey, no inn and now ... no star.

Heresy?  I don't know but it is very interesting how the birth of our Savior is celebrated by inflatable nativities, fat red guys, trees and twinkly lights.  How this encourages a heart of worship or causes us to stand in awe I do not know but when we stand before a holy God we will not fall to our knees, we will fall on our faces.  If I can communicate one thing to my children this Christmas it will be that God is great and worthy of our praise.


Kate said...

Have you seen the documentary called The Star of Bethlehem? Its at the church library and I think youd be very interested and enjoy it. Travis and I loved it. Also, not to be opposite of you intentionally, but what about the verse, at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow... I think we will fall on our knees at some point. Oh, well, I guess you said, that "when we stand infront of a holy God...". Okay, God, verses Jesus. Whatever. We will be humbled and full of worship, thats for sure.

Jacquelyn said...

I'll have to check for that video tomorrow. And you are right that at the NAME of Jesus every knee will bow ... :)

Pilland said...

A marvellous website!
Congrantulations and best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

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