Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Did you see that Sunset last night? AMAZING!!

The blushing clouds shrank back
from the winking sun
the sea as well looked crimson
The five minute masterpiece
like wax
once lit, dissolved. 
It's form relaxed.
The paintbrush soaked in disappearing ink
was rinsed once more in God's gigantic sink.


Joanie said...

Yes, it was breathtaking.

erika said...

It's great that you blog... so that when I think of you I can check up on what you're doing. I haven't left a comment of any kind on anyone's blog FOREVER.. but I guess it makes me feel like we spoke today, in a way, and hopefully reminds us to pray.

Yes, I saw that sunset. And it took me out of my moment, in my little world. It honestly felt as if God painted that He loved me and cared across the sky... Well, that's how it seemed to me anyway.


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