Saturday, April 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions ...

... Decisions:
1.) Cloth or disposable diapers?
A friend of mine brought up the idea of cloth diapers recently and it's got me thinking. If she can do it with her twin girls maybe I can too right? I'm curious ... anyone used cloth diapers lately? There are only a million brands out there and without any internet at home these days (I'm at starbucks right now) I haven't been able to do the research.

2.) Baby Carrier
Also, I seem to have lost my baby bjorn (which was the perfect baby carrier for me .. sigh.) so I'm thinking of making a sling. Any suggestions? Pouch, ring sling? are they hard to use? hard to make? it seems like little more than a piece of cloth but when I think of putting a baby in something without any hooks, snaps or clasps it makes me nervous.

3.) Names
Eliot and Zak seem to want to name the baby anything that comes from a star wars movie. I can't imagine looking down at a little red wrinkly baby and naming him "Count Dooku". Even Luke would be hard to go with.

Two days of false labor have left me worn out and yet strangely restless to hold that little monster who seems to be trying to do snow angels in my tummy. He must be pretty restless too.


Penny Malley said...

I hope little Chewbacca calms down and allows you to rest! ;-)

Sarah Mae said...

Soon you will be holding that little sweetie - how exciting!!!

Oh, and personally, I'm all about disposable diapers - call me an earth killer if you will, but all that poop - nope, not doing it any other way! Good luck deciding! :)

joy said...

Katy Smith (link on my blog) did a post about disposable diapers. She tried several brands and wrote about them.

Have you heard of or thought about a Moby wrap? It would be super easy to make. I loaned mine out or I'd give it to you. You can look online about all of the different ways to wrap and carry.

Hang in there! He's almost here and pregnancy will be a memory. Names...Han Solo Moses? It comes with a built in middle name.

Joanie said...

I could loan you our Bjorn if you need/want it still. Slings and Mobies are cool, too!

jsaylor said...

I did cloth diapers until E potty trained. They aren't hard and we rarely had diaper rash. With newborn breast fed poop they can just go in the washer (with a starting rinse) and when they start solids waste is supposed to go in the toilet anyway. We like gdiapers, and the kissaluv fitteds. If you want more info, email me.
We were given two mei tais and loved them. (One was homemade and worked great.)We even used it when multi-day hiking. (As well as grocery shopping,out and about, etc.)

Joanie said...

Merry Go Round also has a good selection of carriers.

Take care!

Mama Mote said...

How about Ben or Owen? Dan's favorite is R2D2. R2D2 Moses? Hmmmm... I did cloth diapers WAY BACK WHEN (26 years ago), but it sounds like they are different now...probably easier and better. But, yeah, they cut down on rashes. I started disposables later on and Liz got the worst rashes. But whatever you do, will be best for you and Baby Ben.;)

Kiert said...


I can't help you with the name...we're having enough trouble with our own. :)

BUT, I can tell you I've done cloth diapers from the beginning with Benj and all the way through with both kids. It really is not bad. I bought 3 dozen (upped it to 4 when we added a second child in diapers) of the Gerber Premium prefolds (I can't remember the exact name but they say "diaper service quality" on the package). It's not the hippest, trendiest cloth diaper you can buy but it's cheap and works. (I'm just now, 3 1/2 years later, about to throw out a few that are developing holes and replace them.) For me cloth diapering was all about saving $ so buying expensive, trendy diapers and covers kind of defeated the point. :) For covers I used the Gerber vinyl covers. You need to replace them every so often--they don't stay soft forever, but WalMart sells them for $5 for a six pack.

I have done lots of research, and obviously have had lots of experience :) so if you have any questions let me know.

Also, we've always used disposables for church, babysitters, vacation, and tummy viruses (read: "gross poop"). Just because you "use cloth" doesn't mean you can't ever do disposable when you need to--even if it's just a busy season of life.

Oh, and I've found that the Gerber diapers I used don't really fit properly until about 3 months, which is ok because you have enough to adjust to with a newborn! We started in after other things were a bit more settled and routine.

Hope that helps!

I can't wait to hear about this little one! :) Congrats!

Jeannett Gibson said...

As for the baby carrier...I would HIGHLY suggest the Moby. It's expensive, but you can make one yourself using t-shirt fabric. You need like 2 yards, cut it in half and then sew the pieces together at the ends (really well). You can google "how to make your own Moby" or something like that for more details. We did this for Henry and I loved it.

I also had a Bjorn, that Andy liked, but it hurt my back. So we didn't use it much.

Later, I made a ring Not impressed. It was okay...but I was pretty spoiled by my Moby. I felt like the rings (that I had to order online to get big enough) always dug into my shoulder.

I've heard really great things about a Mei Tei (?), but never tried one myself.

Good Luck!

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