Monday, March 30, 2009


Mama rocks the craddle
just like that
mama rocks the craddle
where you lay on your back .
Just like that, just like that
mama rocks that craddle with a smile while you nap.

Mama wears a halo
you wear a hat
she put it on your head
just like that.
Just like that, just like that
with the bow in the middle and the tag in the back.

Mama always loves you
mama always will
mama blows you kisses from the window sill
Just like that, just like that
mama blows you kisses and you always blow them back
to your mama to your mama who taught you love's soundtrack.

weak end rhyme I know but after batting this one around in my head for the last couple of days I just had to finish it.


Joanie said...

So sweet. It makes me envision those early days holding a new bundle. Praying for you!

Ms. Julie's Place said...

I've been wondering if you are planning anything special for National Poetry Month, cause it's not like you're busy or anything.

Praying for you- this is always the hardest part I think.

Kristen said...

oh i love that. have you set it to a tune? because that could be so sweet.

Phillip Moses said...

super cute. I'm with you, though, and don't like the last line. You could just drop it completely, and it would be fine.

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