Sunday, October 26, 2008

S & Ms and Twiddlers.

Yesterday was our only full day together with Phillip this weekend and since we had so much fishing at Lopez last week we decided to go down to the Pismo Pier and try our luck in the ocean.  Once we got there we saw bounce houses, face painting, candy, games, pumpkin decorating (all free) and other such mayhem for the annual "Pumpkins on the Pier" festival. 

My boys were not deterred in the least.  They grabbed their fishing poles, marched right past buckets of candy and straight out to the end of the pier where they patiently watched their lines get fouled by the pier posts.  I think they would have stayed for quiet some time had we not lost all the hooks in a nasty snarl.

Of course a bounce house and a bag of candy is a nice consolation prize!  Zak was surprised that the "S & Ms" weren't chocolate (they were skittles) and all the the kids looked forward to eating the "twiddlers" (Twizzlers).

After purchasing the right gear for the pier I promised Zak that I'd take him fishing tomorrow if he finishes all his home school.  He had a hard time last week after Phillip left and since I'm too tired to do that again I'm not above blatant bribes to get him motivated.  Wish me luck!

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Ms. Julie's Place said...

Bribes are a good thing!
We're praying Phillip will be able to in one spot soon though.

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