Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahhhhhhh that's better

What I love about being home:
I haven't seen any litter
No one smokes
There are public restrooms at the parks
There are no crowds
We haven't needed to take the bus
I know the people I sat with at church
I know the songs we sang at church
I can see the ocean!
There is a garbage disposal in my sink
The kids have plenty of toys
We've stayed up late twice in one week to play games with friends
We can hop in the car and drive to the store any old time we like
I have cupboards full of seasons and spices (Curry on Saturday, Phillip's homemade teriyaki sauce on Sunday)
Oh ... the list goes on and on and on and on and on!

On Saturday we went to a free fishing clinic at Lopez Lake.  We sat and learned the rules of good fishermanship for about 30 min and then they gave us free tackle boxes complete with lures and hooks (for Zak and Eliot) and fishing poles to borrow that were already set up.  They also had bait and there were several old guys on hand to help out.  We didn't catch anything but it was great to be experiencing the Central Coast again!! 


Kate said...

so refreshing to have you home!

Erica said...

Welcome Home :-)

joy said...

welcome home! i saw you from afar at sloca one day. are you track a or b? i didn't see any kids with you.

Jacquelyn said...

Joy, I'm on track b this year. What track are you on?

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