Monday, October 27, 2008

Clams and worms and sea gull germs ...

We did it! and just to prove to my husband that I can tie a fishing knot ...

Palomar Knot:

O.k, o.k. I know I didn't leave enough space between the hooks and swiveler or even between the hooks themselves but that just means I get to practice more!! (pay no attention to my grungy fingernails and dirty kitchen table!) Eliot and Zak each caught a 4 pounder (well, at least we had fun with our 4 lb "sand weights")

Eliannah caught handfulls of seagull feathers and who knows what else. The only reason we left was because Eliannah needed to use the restroom. Zak and I could have stayed much longer but I think an hour and a half was a good amount of time. Fishing with three kids and numerous hooks is like running a 3 ring circus but being out on the pier and seeing the beautiful ocean just calmed my soul (or maybe I was calmed by the pot fumes comming from a bunch of kids at a nearby picnic table).

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Christy said...

So cute! Glad you guys are back!!

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