Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last weekend's adventures

Today was hot. Yesterday was hot. The day before was hot ... you get the idea. I don't know why I torture myself by keeping my weather widget set to the central coast but just knowing that it is less than 90 with less than 90% humidity somewhere makes me happy.

This morning we rented a car and tried to get out of town to do some exploring - along with the rest of the city so we after looking at the long freeway full of bumpertobumper traffic, we turned around and went to the Fairmont Water Works down on the Schuykill River.

I don't know why we haven't been down there yet! We live .07mi north of the Philadelphia Art Museum, and this is right below on the opposite side of the building so its close enough to walk. There are bikes to rent, boats to rent and a very long trail alongside the river (the city planners bought as much land on either side of the river that they could to preserve it as a drinking water source which they turned into Fairmont Park, -claimed to be the longest contiguous park in the U.S.). It was just as blazing hot and humid down by the River so after exploring the water works we went home, had lunch and took naps.

Later on in the day ...

Somehow, while the kids were taking their naps, Phillip and I were just over powered by a desire to get out of town but we didn't know where to go or what to see. In our family I usually do a lot of research before I go exploring but Phillip likes to be surprised so it was entirely out of character for me to embrace the idea of just going for the sake of going. I really couldn't help doing a bit of research to make sure we went somewhere fun and here I am at 12:30 am blogging from a very nice hotel in North Wales which is 30min away from Bucks county and the Delaware River. Tomorrow we are going to explore some more before we head back home. I still haven't gotten used to a church where the only church service starts at 5pm, but it is very nice to have a longer weekend. (oh, and Eliot is getting much better :) thanks for the prayers.)

a comic strip!

(Update: this post is from a week ago and I never got around to posting it since I knew I needed to add pictures.)

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