Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New England!! (Friday/Saturday)

Last Friday at around 6:00 Phillip called and told me to pack us up, we were going to New England for the weekend. I was glad I had done a bunch of laundry so it didn't take me long to get us all ready to go. For some reason Phillip and I decided to ignore the fact that it was a 6 hour drive, at least the kids were able to sleep.

We were able to find a decent hotel not far from Boston and after a few hours of sleep I took the kids to breakfast in the lobby while Phillip tried to catch a few more ZZZs. For some reason we ended up with 2 waitresses that served us hand and foot (they even cut up the kids' waffles for them). I didn't realize what a nice hotel we had until later that evening when we went for a swim and I used the exercise room. (it is way easier to workout when you have a t.v. right on the eliptical runner with brand new plastic wrapped headphones)

On Saturday morning we went in to Boston and explored around a bit. After realizing that much of this history would be lost on the kids we decided to take a cruise of the harbor. Phillip and I enjoyed listening to the tourguide and the kids enjoyed the ride. It was really really hot and muggy so after it was over we headed back to the car where the kids fell asleep.

Samuel Adams the Revolutionary
Samuel Adams the beer (behind me)

This was great since Phillip secretly wanted to drive around and explore. We went up to Salem and drove around a bit. We didn't really want to get out with the kids and have to explain the whole witch trial thing so we just satisfied our curiosity from the car and kept on going.

Waiting for the Ferry

Once the kids woke up we found a place to run around and take a few more pictures.

Marble Point


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