Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

For some reason, whenever I mention the fact that I grew up in the state of Washington everyone tells me about the time they visited Seattle and it rained. They also like to say that it is the rainiest state in the Union --- FALSE! if you take it by city, Washington doesn't contribute one single city to the list of 10 rainiest cities. Also Washintons' average annual precipitation is only 38.15 inches - far less than Hawaii's 70.3 inches and even NY's 47.25. While I do admit that there are most likely more days with clouds and perhaps a couple drops of rain, Washington is neither the rainiest state, nor the wettest ... so there.

Oh, and in order to not be a complete grump this story is for the Grannies ...

This morning as Eliannah was eating she looked up at me and said, "Whufflowuhs?"
"Excuse me" I said, "why dont' you swallow first and try that one again."
"Mommy, where's the flowers Mommy, why aren't the flowers on the table Mommy?"

I guess since we have moved here I'v developed a habbit of going out and cutting fresh roses from our rose bush and keeping some on the table. I didn't know it was such a fixtures to her! I guess she has added that to her list of things we must have at the table. The other thing she can't live without at a meal is a napkin. She not only has to have one at her place, she has to be able to dab at her lips every few bites and she's been like this since she was one and a half. I think it is hilarious that she can be filthy from head to toe but if she even drips one drop of food on the table or on her person she gets really upset until she gets her hands on a nice clean napkin. What a lady!

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