Saturday, December 29, 2007


Recently Phillip and I have had a run of bad luck when it comes to movies. The two most notably bad ones being "No country for old men" which was extremely violent and soul searingly evil, and "Akira" a Japanese anime that involved motorcycles, little kids with old green faces and giant milk sodden stuffed animals that chased the hero (I won't bore you with a plot analysis).

Last night the curse was broken! Phillip picked up "Once" from the video store and I cannot begin to describe how wonderful the movie was! If you can handle about 15 minutes of cussing (it is in an Irish accent which somehow doesn't sound as offensive) you will lose yoursefl in a story that is so real, so sweet and so simple it will delight you! Because it is about a musician, much of the story is told with the help of some really great songs performed by "Frames" lead singer Glen Hansen.

It's kind of an "un" love story. ... Just when I thought the romance genre was dead.


Carrie Haughey said...

Kyle's Aunt was just raving about that movie the other day while we were home. Glad to hear you liked it too. Have a Happy New Year!

Joy said...

i've heard good things about that movie, too. great news about the piano. very exciting--i'd like to start eli on piano lessons maybe sometime next year. loved the post about zack being tired of presents. i think kids do get overwhelmed by a lot of presents--it's a lot to process. is this the calm after the storm?

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