Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What are Funprints?

Funprints are the grafeeti we left on the beach by rolling, skidding, slidding, scooting and scraping our hands, feet and other body parts across the beach. Zak's favorite new game is "mudraces", your imagination can fill in the rest. I had so much to do today and it was so hot (90!) I took an hour to play with the kiddoes. We had so much fun we took half of the beach home with us (it is now at the bottom of our bathtub).

In other news, Eliannah is putting together sentences. Her first real sentence was,"Not doing aything". In response to my question "What are you doing?". She's getting so big!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Sand is SERIOUSLY by biggest fear as a parent...I HATE, DESPISE, am DISGUSTED by sand. The way it feels, the way it stick to everything, the way it sneaks onto parts of your body you didn't even know you HAD, the way it magically reproduces itself and never quite goes away. ICK. And kids and sand love each other so I'm not sure you can keep them out of it. Sigh...I told Andy he has to rig a shower/hose up to the front of my truck that is hooked up to a tank so I can hose the kids down before they get in the car!

Kate said...

what a joy to live so close to the beach and be able to spend time there so easily. i love it! let me know next time you go and you wouldn't mind having a friend and a couple kiddos go with you guys. We love the beach!

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