Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A word about SLOCA

So, in case you didn't know Zak is attending SLOCA this year and since I'm supposed to be writing his first progress report I decided to check out the school's website to make sure I was doing it right. While I was searching for the right template I noticed that somehow a testimonial I wrote made it on the blog (typos and all) so if you want to know what I think about this system of part time school/ part time homeschool, you can read about it here. Or you can check out the link I've added to my sidebar if you are interrested.


Kate said...

Great testimonial! Coming from the other side of it (I was homeschooled) it was great to be able to stay connected with my family and yet have those days of social activity with other kids in the class. I think this is a great education combo, for teh kids, the parents, and the teachers. I'm glad youre enjoying too!

Joy said...

i'll find out more about the organization (if it's county funded things like that. ) I was being purposefully vague about the name of it because i guess it's supposed to be kind of an out of the way safe place for these girls. that's why we couldn't get specific names of people either. my friend hasn't started teaching the classes there yet, but she went out there yesterday and was able to meet several of the girls. i think there's space for 10 women total plus up to 2 kids per woman. if you have more questions, let me know.

Joy said...

sorry i left this on your blog--i just saw your email link. oops! :)

Brianna Heldt said...

i'm glad things are going so well with school! missed you at the monday night football thingy.

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