Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well ... maybe

I guess I need to rethink my list (see below) since many of you think wet t.p. might be kind of nice every once in a while and prepaid cremation is a good investement.

Here are the newest things not found in my shopping cart:
1. hemp tampons
2. vintage underwear
3. fake hair: like a toupee, no one is fooled.

Now I have to admit I bought some once and spent 2 hours trying to make it work, it never did and my kids now play with it like it is some strange pet.

( Jeannette and Brianna, I'll be sending you a brochure on a"Simple, Economical, Dignified" cremation certificate that could win you a free "environmentally friendly" cremation.)


Phillip Moses said...

Ok, I have a few comments and questions.

1. Actually, I think anything hemp is great. It's an amazing plant and it is only because of our own intolerant stupidity that many man-made products are not made out of this wonderful and renewable resource.

2. Vintage Underwear: Why not? You wear mine.

3. For some cancer patients, this is an essential. I think it is insensitive that you would be so cavalier to consider yourself "above" this possibility.

As for this comment: "...I bought some once and spent 2 hours trying to make it work... now play with it, etc..."

Is this in reference to item #1, 2, or 3?

Jacquelyn said...

very funny p-mo

#1 - all I can say is Ouch!
#2 not since I had Eliannah
#3 I'm not talking wigs I'm talking fake ponytails ... that I let the kids play with ... that looks now looks like a flattened gerbil.

Carrie Haughey said...

What about this....?

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