Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Camp Moses

The short story is: We had a wonderful time at the church camp out and it was well worth all the immense time and effort it took to pack and will take to unpack. Phillip didn't arrive until 11:00 on Friday so I had to set up camp by myself. I had fun wrestling with a few tent poles but the way they make tents these days make it pretty easy to assemble. I am usually horrible about starting and maintaining a fire so I cheated and bought a little fire starter log. This meant that Phillip was able to come to a neat little campsite with a nice little fire and some decaf coffee to drink while we enjoyed a few moments of gazing at the stars before we rolled in to bed exhausted. (Note to self: queen sz mattress is by no means the same sz as a queen size bed). The kids slept just fine and we managed to catch a little sleep as well.

Saturday was just one long day of fun at the beach. Everyone from church set up a little tent city so there was shade to sit under. It was super hot outside but with a nice warm lake to jump in to it wasn't bad. While Phillip attempted to lull Eliot and Eliannah to sleep in the car (didn't work though), Zak and I went boating and I got to ski.

Sunday we spent some time just chatting with our campsite neighbors, half heartedly packing up and wholeheartedly going to church. Phillip and I were exhausted at this point but I perked up when he said I could stay and go skiing while he took the little ones home. I didn't think I had the energy to pack up so fast!

After Phillip and the kids left I headed down to the beach and got to go skiing twice. It was glorious!! I forgot how much I missed it. By the end of the day the lake was pretty choppy so I couldn't really do much in the way of "practicing" but it was nice to just have my ski on and be slaloming back and forth across a nice warm lake. Thank you everyone who took me on your boat!! I appreciate it so much!!


Brianna Heldt said...

jacqueline i am in disbelief that you set up camp all by yourself with (presumably) your kids there! next year, it's phillip's turn. :)

Jacquelyn said...

yup, all three kids "helped" with the set up. We lost Eliannah a couple of times but always managed to find her close by but out of sight (she liked hiding in the van.) Phillip returned the favor by letting me stay and go skiing a couple more times on Sunday. Next year he is taking Friday off!

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