Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Yesmas!

As I was trying to explain the big deal surrounding New Years Eve I realized that I had never celebrated it with the kids!  Since I don't want to keep them up all night we will instead be celebrating "Yesmas".

The Rules:  Tomorrow I must say yes.

Can we have donuts for breakfast? Yes
Can we do play dough? Yes?
Can you fix my bunny, my pillow, my broken ornament?
Can you read me a book, play with me etc? Yes , yes, yes, ... and so forth

The only parameters are that I won't buy them anything, it must be within reason and be able to be started and finished in one day.  I've been thinking of keeping a list of all the things I constantly say 'no' to somewhere and bringing it out once a month for "Yes" day but it all depends on how tomorrow goes.

Oh, and to start it off I will be going to a "Noon Years Eve" party at the Children's Museum at 10 in SLO if you want to join me!


Heather Pelczar said...

What an inspiring idea. I have felt so convicted lately about being so task oriented at home that I have begun to ignore May. Not always, but you know how you have those days? where you realize they played alone all day while they begged you to spend a little time with them? After this post, I have been spurred on and convicted more deeply. :) Thanks for sharing.

krystina said...

what a wonderful idea! thanks for sharing! this is going to be fun!

Joanie said...

This is on my mind a lot too. What a great idea! It was lovely to see you and get to chat. Happy New Year!

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