Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas' Eve

Christmas' Eve

"It is good"
- a completed beginning
Earth* and Hayya**, the mother of all living
took unbreathed breaths from an atmosphere
still shivering
with 6 long days of labor and delivering.

1,000 year old child? newborn teen?
a year or two in between?
As the sun dried the hair
all ribboned with dew
it polished the glistening fruit tree too.

An arm length away was too close on that day.
Paradise lost for a snack.
       --  but grace and mercy answered back.

A breadth of love, with an unknown depth of love
Somewhere, someday, in a tree, on a hill
a Gardener lay still.

Without her we would have never know
Without Him, we never will.

Hayya or in English, Eve; means living, or mother of all living
Adam means earth in Hebrew

JM 12-23-2009

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