Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tale of Two Teeth

What a champ! Wednesday was the big day for Eliannah's oral procedure. We had many errands to run before going to the dentist and she kept asking, "Are we going to the doctor now?" (O.K. so she was a little confused) She woke up early and got dressed hours and hours before it was time for her appointment. She was really excited, and how could she not be? The people at the dentists office made such a huge fuss over her and she figured out pretty quick that she would get a toy after every visit (she even got to pick a toy out for Zak and Eliot). I dreaded what was to come, she couldn't wait.

Once we finally got there the dentist explained to me that they were going to try the procedure with only a general anesthetic. It was hard to watch them do about 20 (not kidding) numbing injections around the site but mercifully the dentist blocked my view when he actually did the procedure. Eliannah didn't complain, didn't cry, did fuss. The only way I knew she was uncomfortable was because I could see her little chest rise and fall faster and faster and then ... out it came and she was chomping down on some gauze delighted to be picking out yet another toy. I was so proud of her!! Praise the Lord it went so well!!

Once the boys heard about her bravery (they were at my mom's down south) they were very impressed and as Zak had a loose tooth he asked me to extract it once I got there. Normally he has a panic attack and whines and moans about it but this time he patiently allowed me to yank that little sucker out and went off to bed with little more than a tissue for the blood. Guess he couldn't be shown up by little sis.


joy said...

Glad everything went okay. What a brave girl.

Joanie said...

Praise the Lord! Good girl, Eliannah! SO brave.

andy gibson said...

Isn't it amazing how much more traumatic procedures are for MOMS than they are for the actual child??? But, I'd much rather it that way than the other way around...

So glad to hear it went relatively easily!

andy gibson said...

oops, this is Jeannett.

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