Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eliannah and the Dentist

Yesterday Phillip took the boys down south to spend the week at my mom's. This means Eliannah had time for some important things like ... a long bubble bath and a mani-pedi. She loved picking out her favorite pink nail polish and watching me paint each fingernail. So much fun!

This morning Eliannah went in for a dental cleaning before her tooth gets pulled tomorrow. The Dentist just wanted to make sure that she responded well to having hands in her mouth and she did great. The oral Hygienist was so sweet. She let Eliannah pick out her favorite tooth polish (bubble gum) and explained everything along the way about how she was going to make Eliannah's teeth nice and pretty for the dentist. When she was finished she handed Eliannah a mirror and asked her, "Now don't your teeth look pretty?"

"No" Eliannah replied.

The Hygienist looked at her and then me confused. Eliannah looked upset.

It took me a couple of seconds to find out why Eliannah was so disappointed. Coming on the heals of her recent manicure she thought that she was picking a color of tooth polish and that she was going to wind up with pink teeth!! Poor girl!!


Joanie said...

Precious. It's sweet how you cherish your girl and make her feel so girly and special among her beloved brothers.

B.C. said...

Okay, this was my good laugh for the day. :)

Girly girls are the best.

Priscilla said...

so no root canal after all? Does she still have to be put under?

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