Friday, February 20, 2009

boy v girl

My boys ...
like the smell of their farts
can't tell when they're dirty
consider burping a sport
have no concept of an "indoor" voice
get emotionally attached to the ugliest shirt in their closet and would wear it all the time if you let them

My girl ...
uses too many napkins at every meal
would prefer to wear either dress ups or pajamas all day
uses her shriek as a default defense mechanism
uses sugar as a weapon of manipulation
two words: crocodile tears

I just love my kids! I love the specific ways that they are unique, the specific things that make them a boy or a girl. On Friday, after much procrastinating and waiting and coordinating schedules I am going to have an ultrasound and Phillip will hopefully be there for it!! I'm hoping they will be able to see the gender but I'm not really holding my breath (I'll be 33 weeks by then). At this point the only reason for an ultrasound is to confirm that everything is o.k. We won't get any confirmation of my rather sketchy guess at a due date but who doesn't like a "sneak peak" at the next member of their family?


Penny Malley said...

Oh, I hope the baby cooperates next week!
Tyler comes home from school and goes on and on about how Zak can burp the ABC's, He is my son's hero.

joy said...

How exciting! It's always so amazing to see the baby via ultrasound. Hopefully, the baby will cooperate and offer up some gender info.

Ms. Julie's Place said...

As per Penny's comment, Uncle Jody would be so proud!
Hope all goes well at the ultrasound and that baby and Daddy's schedule will all work out.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Exciting! Hope you get a peak at the's always nice to at least know which set of newborn stuff to get out of the attic and into the washer! I'll be praying that Phillip can be there to see it too! I'll admit that I'm always a bit worried at ultrasounds, but they really are fun too! :)

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