Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too harsh?

Picking God's pocket
you saw us on the news
but we're already dead
those medical supplies
are right next to your bed

your cash didn't reach us
your tears dried too fast
your wallet was uninjured
by our momentary contrast

so go sell your soul to Cable
store those treasures in your closet
start your Heaven in Hawaii
with your 10% deposit

two thousand unreached voices
can you hear the faintest whisper
a million Christian choices
won't you choose to help us Sister?

With full stomachs, overloaded closets and bursting storage units it's amazing that we can plunk ourselves down in our overstuffed chairs and wail at the economic crisis around us (I'm speaking to myself here). In our family we've gotten low on food and peered into an almost empty refrigerator more than once but I can't say we know yet what it means to want. I don't know about you but as long as my bathroom scale indicates overindulgence (pregnancy aside) I can't complain. Missions week at church is coming up. Can't wait to hear what God is doing around the world and what we need to do to participate in the work of the great commission.

(Oh, and I just found out that our church has a missions blog and a college missions blog - who knew?)


Kate said...

whoo hoo! i'm excited as well. and its great to know that someone else in my age and stage is excited too! see you there. :)

Jen said...

I absolutely agree. We have been living more simply lately & i had to laugh, b/c really, what does "more simply" mean to us Americans? For my family it means - less eating out, fewer trips in the car to save gas, maybe setting the thermostat a couple of degrees lower at night...Ha! The things i just mentioned are those that people living in third world countries cannot possibly fathom...It is a good reminder to be thankful for ALL that we do have. God bless America. :)

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