Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's in a name?

The naming process for me is a deeply spiritual experience.  Zak, Eliot and Eliannah have special stories as to why their name was picked and each name has a special meaning.  I can tell you exactly what book of the Bible I was studying when I was pregnant as their names are based on something I was learning from that specific passage.  

But.. it's not all about me, Phillip still has a say.  He likes "normal" names that don't necessarily mean anything special but fly under the radar of bizarre.  I like names that have a special meaning but in some cases are off the beaten track so to speak.  Here is a list of our most recent "rejects"

1. Zandaleigh: (no meaning) 
2. Rachael : ewe
3. Semeicha:happy, joyfull
4. Favianne:hopeful
5. Ushriya:blessed by Jehovah
6. Ahuviya: loved by God
7. Ranen: to sing, to be joyful
8. Rebeccah: to tie
9. Nadim: drinking partner 
10. Girard: strength of the spear

Can you guess which pick are mine?


Berji's domain said...

just remember that you're going to have to spell the name on the phone umpteen times... :)
but I totally agree on names having a special meaning!

Jacquelyn said...

yeah, but you would have to do that for any name. You've probably had to do that for your own name all your life. I'm sure that if we named the kid Bob people would still ask us how to spell it!

Joanie said...

What beautiful names! Ranen is breathtaking. Pretty on paper, pretty to say and hear. Thanks for sharing this process. What fun.

Penny Malley said...

...so I'm assuming you don't know if it's a boy or girl? The first 8 sound feminine, and the last 2 are decidedly male... I personally love #4. Beautiful name, beautiful meaning.

Jacquelyn said...

Favianne is actually an Italian boy name! We don't know the gender and might not find out for 13 more weeks.

Kate said...

I'd guess that your favorites are number 1: Zandaleigh and and number 3: Semeicha. Although I'm not sure how to pronounce them. What fun! Good luck! What are you doing for middle names?

Jacquelyn said...

You are so right Kate! This is the reject list however :( Phillip wouldn't go for either ....

joy said...

I like the name Rachel, although is has bothered me that it means "ewe." I agree that Ranen and Favianne are pretty, too, but I do understand this is the reject list. I can hardly wait to hear what you decide upon. Will you share before the baby is born or wait and surprise us all?

Jeannett Gibson said...

I know the boys actually go by their middle names and Eliannah is her first name...will you keep that theme if it's a boy/girl?

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