Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Tis the sneezin'

a heap of white tissues
piled like snow

a nose like a reindeer
both red and aglow

christmas shopping for cough drops
while trying to rest

a song in my heart
a cold in my chest.


Joanie said...

Feel better soon!

joy said...

sorry you have a cold! and i love that you are going out of your way with salespeople. especially this time of year, i think it makes a difference as the stores are flooded with people--grumpy, impatient, strapped for time and cash. thanks for the reminder.

Berji's domain said...

what do I use paper or designs for?
cards & calligraphy mostly

add me on :)

are you all feeling better?

Kate said...

Hey! Happy Birthday, Friend. Today, right? Hope it was a good one. See you Sunday.

christine said...

dude, how'd you know?

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