Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas present #2 and 3

Do you keep your New Years resolutions?  I certainly don't, but I usually keep most of my Christmas presents which is why I've been coming up with one Christmas presents/resolution a week to implement in December rather than making a list of New Years resolutions to fail at in January.  

So far the quiet time in the tidy living room has been taking place consistently although not daily.  I think it's o.k. to ease into this one :)

Last week (when I didn't have an Internet connection) I decided to address every sales person that has a name tag on by name, make eye contact and go out of my way to brighten their day.  It's been neat so far and even though I may only get 2-3 minutes of their time I feel like I'm starting to understand Jesus' mentality of reaching out to everyone everywhere (the woman at the well comes to mind.) and if not sharing the gospel with them, at least sharing a smile or a laugh.

This week I'm off to purchase a good book.  I intend to read it during Christmas break and finish it as well!  I want to do one book per month and I need a good solid start date - like December 15th.  If I can't find the one I want I have a whole list to choose from at home and most of them are half finished already!


Jen said...

I love your idea of interacting with salespeople! I know they can really have a tough job this time of year, so thanks for the reminder on that. I worked at a department school in high school (yeah, like a thousand years ago, ha ha) and i still remember the few customers who would come in and actually address me by name. It was always a pleasant surprise and would definitely brighten my day. :)

Jen said...

Oops, i meant that i worked at a department STORE, not school!

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