Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lechem Ha-Chaim

The man from "Breadtown"
5,000 full
but did the soul
know what he just said?

A hunger hole
inside their soul -
could they fill it up with bread?

Eyes on the loaf
or eyes on it's Baker?
Feast your heart
on Jesus, the bread maker.

I've been quite discontent lately. Today's sermon really showed me how much I'm missing the point. It also got me thinking about the Jewish toast "L 'Chaim". Most cultures toast "To Love", "Cheers", "Salud" or something of that nature. Jews toast "To Life" because life itself is a gift.

If you missed the Sermon you can listen online.  It is titled "I am the Bread of Life"


Ms. Julie's Place said...

Ah, contentment, that elusive little bugger! I know what you mean, and just when I am pretty well content in my own self, it's the discontent for my kids that sneaks up and gets me.

Phillip Moses said...

You should check this out:

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