Friday, December 12, 2008

If you're tired and you know it ...

... go to the park!!

Thursdays are the most exhausting day of the week for our family.  Eliot and Eliannah don't get their naps and yesterday after going to Zak's class party and eating tons of sugar (not me - the kids) I realized that I didn't want to be in the same house as these hyper-active cookie monsters so we went to our favorite park.

Once we got there we noticed a large pile of marsh grass the the landscaping crew must have forgotten to clean up.  ** Jackpot ***

We poked the sturdier ones into the sand and then basket wove the weaker ones through the sides.  The kids didn't actually play in it once it was done but it was great fun to build!!
(I didn't get a shot of the "fire pit", kindling and fresh fish we were roasting on a spit but we got really elaborate and all our efforts kept us at the park until almost dinner time.)


joy said...

yay! glad you had so much fun at the park.

Joanie said...

Cute! Love the realism about not wanting to be in the same house with the monsters! :)

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