Friday, December 5, 2008

Dec. twenty-five



what to you
But Who to me
Which will your
Merry Christmas be?
- j.m.

What the heck is Christmas anymore if atheists think it is too "religious"? Check out the link.  I'd love your thoughts.  


Berji's domain said...

I think it is a step in the right direction if atheists find Christmas too religious!

Berji's domain said...

I followed the recipe for sweet rolls (good ol' Betty Crocker) and then vaguely followed the filling for sweet bread (cheese filling) braid from the King Arthur's flour website, but I put real cranberries and pecans in there as well. Make sense ?

Matto and Kafrum said...

I think atheists must lead a very sad, hopeless life. However, I also think they have a right to post their own beliefs just as we have a right to display our Nativity scenes. I think it is a little silly that the Nativity scene is thought by them to be a display of hate. I have always thought it a display of hope and promise of life. Their opinion of the Nativity scene only shows the atheist's bitterness that much more.

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