Tuesday, December 2, 2008

20 weeks and counting ...

I'm cold right down the middle
where my coat doesn't meet
I have 10 little sausages 
at the ends of my feet.

My tummy (and my bummy)
- all as round as a beach ball
My face -- a disgrace
double chin and all.

But when my little sprout comes out
all wrinkled up and tiny
I'll crumple up this poem
and feel bad for being whiny.

People are starting to ask me if it's any day now.  Sure, plus or minus Nineteen weeks or so ...


joy said...

people are dumb. period. you DO NOT look anywhere close to 40 weeks. have you had an appt yet? what does the doc say?

Phillip Moses said...

haha... what a cute poem!

Joanie said...

You are so precious. If people think you're "any day now," they must be thinking we're all shrinking!!!!!

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