Friday, November 14, 2008


Doctor says : "Clearly he has a broken clavicle"
X-ray says: "The clavicle is totally fine"
Doctor says: "It may be too early for the fracture to show up on the x-ray, come back next week"

Hmmmm ...  the way I figure it, the only way it could be too early to tell if he has a broken bone is if we took an X-ray before he broke it!  However, all the symptoms indicate at least a hairline fracture.  We're going back in on Tuesday for another look.

Part of me feels really ripped off.  I knew he had a fracture, I knew is wasn't severe, I knew there is nothing you can do for a minor clavicle fracture except sling it and ice it (which I was already doing.)  Why the heck did I bother getting a "second opinion?  all I got for my $200 was a little blue sling ... sigh ... next time I'm going to trust my intuition and take the family out for a really nice dinner with all the money I save  :) I told my husband if it doesn't need stitches or antibiotics I'm not going back to the doctor unless I am SURE they can do something that I cannot do at home.

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joy said...

oh, jacquelyn! poor little eliot looks like he's really hurting, too. seriously, i'm sorry about that. glad you heard the baby's heartbeat--that is exciting! any news on your dad yet?

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