Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 8!

a dollar short and a day late
we missed out on 7
we missed out on 8

anniversary breakfast?
toast and honey
nothing but the best for my

we've taken turns
being thin and thick
we've had our share
being well and sick

it's been an adventure
it's been awhile
maybe next year we'll celebrate in style!

Sorry sweetie!  I guess life just gets in the way sometimes.  I do love you still!  Let's shoot for something special in 2010 :)


Berji's domain said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry you're spending it alone.
Nice picture- when and where was that taken?

Jacquelyn said...

We took this downtown Philadelphia in a quiet little pocket garden in the historic district. Gotta love camera timers!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Happy Anniversary!

If it makes you feel better to have company, know that our anniversaries have always been less than eventful...
1) We were in the MIDDLE of a move (like literally pakcing up the U-Haul)
2) Moving. Again.
3) We were broke, but managed to get a picnic in.
4) Andy was in Yuba City moving his mom.
5) I was in labor all day with Hen.
6) We had just bought the house and were mostly broke with no babysitter, so we just went to Red Robin and planted some new plants.

I'll be 7 months pregnant this next year...sigh...

joy said...

happy anniversary! we will always be conflicted on our anniversary as we share it with abe's birthday. that is a great picture of the two of you. this year when we went away for our 10th was the first time since kids that we had done anything like that.

Brianna Heldt said...

Happy Anniversary! We never really do anything too spectacular. Let me try to remember...

1.) Had a horrible experience at The Inn at Morro Bay (think man in the next room vomiting really loudly at midnight.) We packed up and drove home at about 1 a.m. BUT, we DID find out we were expecting Anna later that day! So we ate at Red Lobster to celebrate.

2.) I don't remember. Maybe we ordered Chinese food in?

3.) Ordered pizza in I think?

4.) Took the kids to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

5.) Took the kids to Olive Garden for dinner. (And kept wondering when Jeannett's baby would be born!)

6.) Went out to sushi WITHOUT the kids b/c Kevin's parents were visiting. Woohoo! A real "date."

Hope you guys don't have to be apart much longer!!!!!!!!!

Jacquelyn said...

The reason I threw myself such a big pitty party is because he was HOME this week! Oh well, we just got a stack of free DVD screeners so we got to see the new Bond movie together without having to find a babysitter.

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