Thursday, October 30, 2008


So what exactly does my husband do?  You can check him out on IMDB, read his list of credits and still have no idea what he does so here's my understanding of things: 

 Phillip's work begins once a movie has been filmed which means we don't meet the stars although he does meet and work with some great directors and producers.  Our closest "brush with fame" came when we had to drive Angelina Jolie's purse down to L.A. when he was working on Mr. and Mrs. Smith (her purse from a scene in the movie.) 
Sometimes we get to go to a cast and crew screenings and we get to see some movies before they come out but we don't walk the red carpet (which is a relief, I could never afford one of those dresses!)  The only real premier we went to was a movie that Phillip's car was in.  I still giggle every time I think of seeing his beat up Honda Civic on the big screen. (The other movie  he worked on and was  an in extra didn't end up having a premier due to 9/11) 

I still think we should have been invited to "The Happening" since Phillip's arm and hand ended up in one of the scenes, but no luck there.  (He came home from work one day covered in fake blood with a huge grin on his face since he had spent his day making a paint gun of sorts that sprayed fake blood - not his typical day at work).  

So that's the unvarnished truth.  At the end of the day he works very hard, provides for our family and we don't roll with the rich or famous, sorry to disappoint!

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Mama Mote said...

My daughter is a premiere freak. She has a friend who gets tickets to different things and she has a few notebooks of pictures autographed by stars from several premieres. She's even gone to a couple of after-parties(?). Met Julie Andrews at her book signing. She has a ton of pictures on her MySpace page. She said if she didn't have that down there, she would be so bored. If we end up moving to LA, I may join her. :) Too funny.

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