Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween to do list

Wake up grumpy
check email and find that my husband missed getting on his flight by 5 minutes and now needs me to pick him up in Santa Barbara instead of SLO
Get the kids ready to drive down to Santa Barbara
Top off the tank and check the oil before heading south
Find a rat's nest made of flamable pine needles and the insulation that lays on top of the engine block
Clear out the rat's nest, get on the freeway
Overheat right before getting to Santa Maria
Pull into In and Out for lunch and then 
Let the kids play at Mc Donald's until the engine cools off (90 min)
Call husband and let him know he will need  to get a rental car
Head home with the heater on full blast going 55 on the 101N
Put everyone down for naps
 make brownies
****HUSBAND ARRIVES HOME***** (here is where my mood changes)
Dress everyone up in their costumes
Go to the harvest festival at church
Have a great time!

There's always time to go Trick or Treating!


Christy said...

Oh no...sorry to hear about the bad travel situation. (Although mad props for discovering the rats nest prior to driving!!)
Great costumes BTW!

Jeannett Gibson said...

YUCK! Sorry you had a (half) poopy day! Andy said to Philip at the Harvest Festival: "Did you just get in today? you look exhausted!" :(

By the way, didn't get a chance to tell you that night, but you look so good! The baby bump is adorable (as opposed to when I was pregnant and I just looked FAT). :)

joy said...

that is quite a day and you didn't even sound complaining when describing it. and, i agree with jeanett that you look really good!

Joanie said...

So great to see you last Sunday! Definite kudos to you for checking your oil. I will let that serve as a lesson to me. Sorry to hear about your hard day. It's never good when the phone call starts with "Honey you need a rental car..."

Take care!

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