Monday, September 15, 2008


That's right folks .... I booked our tickets home which means barring any delay or other problem we will be flying into Burbank CA in   26 days!! (Oct 11)


Carrie Haughey said...

yay! so exciting!!!!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Yippee! (I'd love a post on why you are so it that you miss CA or that you don't like Philly? Both? Something else altogether? I've only ever lived in CA so it would be interesting...) Either way, glad to see you are excited! :)

Kate said...

hip hip hooray!

Jacquelyn said...

Jeannette, we hate Philthadelphia ... and we miss our friends, our church ... our van ... our routines ... healthy food ... passive vagrants ... enough public trash cans and public restrooms ... people that don't look at you like you are a freak for having soooo many children ... need I go on? This could turn into a bitter rant. Philadelphia is a nice place to VISIT! I would recommend a nice little two week trip maximum.

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