Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and now ... hurricane Ike

It was time to buy the kids umbrellas but since everything is a weapon I decided on this: Rain Ghosts! (you have to admit it, it is descriptive). And speaking of weapons, since we have a finished basement here the kids use it as their playroom. When it is time to clean up the toys that somehow reach the living room (ground floor) they are supposed to take them downstairs. This morning when I asked Eliannah to put her baby away she lovingly picked it up, went to the top of the stairs, peered down and tossed that doll exclaiming, "Baby bommmmmmbbbbbbb". What a nut!


Ms. Julie's Place said...

Has Phillip ever told you about what Jody and he used to do in the basement of the parsonage?
Baby bomb has nothing on what they used to come up with. Though I'm sure your kids will come up with something.

Christy said...

HAHAHAHA - that is so cute! I love reading your blogs!

adopted2x said...

So what are they watching that they know about bombs? Oh, I see from above that maybe it's inherited. :) Cute.

joy said...

that is so cute!

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