Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A week with Grandma pt 1

Sleeping in (!!)
Eating out
Always having a clean kitchen
Huge breakfasts
The laundry elf
Happy kids
Happy me

Please Touch Museum:

What a fun musuem! It had great little "story corners" that were set up to resemble scenes from books like Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild things are (costums to put on, a giant bed to jump on, vines to climb etc.) and others. It also had a great theater and a wonderful puppet show. I would go back more often but they are closing and moving to a new location. Drat!

Strasburg RR:

On Friday we left for Lancaster county. Our first stop was the motel in the middle of the cornfields where everyone took naps. Our second stop was the Strasburg RR( we might have to go back when they have Thomas). We took a ride on the train "accross the fruited plain" as it were. Everywhere we looked there were cornfields, tobacco fields and hayfields. Green everywhere - beautiful! We eventuallly had to come back another day to do the miniature train, and the crank cars. Fun!

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Penny Malley said...

Hey! I just saw the Strasburg RR on an episode of John and Kate Plus 8 when Thomas was there- too fun!! We just missed seeing Thomas when he came to Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago... oh well... next summer! Hey, Tyler and Zak are in the same class at SLOCA! We can't wait to see you guys back here!

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