Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A week with Grandma pt 2

On Saturday we took the kids to their very first amusment park. Since they had never been on anything crazier than a carosel horse this was big for them. The great thing about Dutch Wonderland is that it was geared to younger kids (through age 10 or so) so there were tons of rides that all of us could go on. There was also a small water park component which Dad and the boys did while Eliannah and I headed to the hotel for naps. To end the evening they had their first taste of cotton candy. We split it 5 ways and even threw some of it away to keep them from bouncing off the walls all night.

Dutch Wonderland:

Near the end of the evening Eliannah asked us if she could hug the princess.  Several minutes in line later we took her picture (minus the hug). As we were walking away she was so distresses about missing out on that hug we stood in line again to get it right.  It made her day!

(Grandma has the pictures of the "Real Pirates" exhibit at the Ben Franklin Museum, the Smith Memorial Playground, our 2 mile walk down by the Shuykill Banks past boathouse row and into center city as well as many others.)  I can't imagine having more fun and she left us with about 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies too!  What a lady :)

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Peek Family ~ A peek into this Life that God has given us..~ said...

Hello Jacquelyn , so nice to meet you. We are in Oceano next to the dunes, closer to Pismo I like to say LOL .. Can't wait to meet you either . We have been at Grace a year and a half and are still trying to meet new people so thank you for the comment and we look forward to seeing you at Grace sometime here soon!

P.S.The pics on your Blog are great
from Dutch Wonderland , I saw that on Jon & Kate plus 8 - LOL.. You have a great little family..

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