Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence week: Thursday

Today was a little lower key, there were no morning events so we took naps and got ready to head down to Ben Franklin Parkway in the afternoon for a "Fiesta on the Parkway". It was quiet a bit of a walk, very hot and when we got down there I quickly realized this event was not geared toward children under the age of 10. Oh well, we walked around, had some ice cream, saw some Latin artisans selling their crafts. ...

At one point we saw 3 tall ladies (at least 6 ft in the heels they had on) wearing enormous feathered headresses and Vegas style beaded bikini top, beaded skirt and a thong. I was pretty uncomfortable seeing them strut past my little boys but I knew not to make a huge deal of it. I was quiet relieved when I heard Zak lean over to Eliot and say," I think they're going to go play Indians! Look at their feathers!!" He was quiet jealous. We've been playing Indians with a large leaf stuck in our backwards baseball hats! I hope they stay innocent and young for a LONG time!!

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