Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheese Whiz and "Catch-up"

Since so many things have happened I've condensed it into the following points.
Last week my aunt was in town and we relaxed pool-side for a few good days of rest before the frenzy began.

Tuesday: Phillip left for Philadelphia
Wednesday: the children went to visit Grandma Cynthia in Palm Springs
Thursday-Saturday: I cleaned the house, packed up the kids and moved furniture around so the landlord could recarpet while we are gone.
Sunday: Got to go to my "old" church in Santa Clarita which had just moved in to its new building
Monday: got up early, drove 90min to John Wayne airport spent a looooooonnnnnnngggggg day entertaining the restless litter of children on the plane and arrived in Philadelphia around 11. I'm so thankful my mom and niece came with us to help!!
(oh, and as a side note just so you know what a nerd I am not only did their suitcase match their back packs, but I also had their shirts match their backpacks as well, Why is this important? no idea!)

The good news is that we found a furnished house to rent right behind the Philadelphia art museum in a very quiet neighborhood. I'm excited because it is close to public transportation but away from the hustle of the city. Also, I'm told our 60 year old neighbor wears a thong bikini in her backyard so we've been warned not to peek over the fence unless we want TMI about the joys of aging gracefully. I say "you go girl". The bad news is that we can't move in until Friday and until then we are in a teeny little extended stay. The kids are actually doing well sharing a bed together.

Today we did some site seeing, I think we will go to Lancaster and Gettisburg tomorrow. We're taking it one day at a time since the munchkins haven't adjusted to the time change yet.

Oh, and as I'v heard, you are supposed to order the cheese steaks "with the whiz". Yuck, cheese whiz isn't real food in my opinion. Also, 100 heat + 90% humidity = too hot for Central Coast kids. Yesterday was pretty bad but as we were driving home from dinner Eliot looked out from the van and told Zak "Your window is crying". We got to see a good old fashioned thunderstorm and the rain made today much more tolerable.


joy said...

wow--glad you made it safe and sound. sounds like a great neighborhood and i think cheez whiz sounds nasty good. i bet it's delish on a philly steak sammie.

Kristen Borland said...

the matching backpacks, luggage, and shirts are so you know which kids belong to you when you are trying to keep track of them all. if i was traveling alone with mine, i'd also stick neon signs on their heads.

Jacquelyn said...

I thought about luggage tags on their belt buckles but decided that would be going too far LOL

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