Saturday, May 31, 2008

When did you get so big?

My little Mac n Cheese chef

In other news, since I don't have a "crafty" bone in my body I wonder what crafts would be fun to do with kids on a plane? I plan on buying pipe cleaners since I am now adept at making monkeys, iguanas, babies and of course snakes. I can't think of a single thing other than that wouldn't include beads, glue, a long list of supplies, or a lot of space. Zak just loves to make crafts I know that I could keep him entertained at least one hour out of the 7hrs or so we will be in the air.

The things I've been thinking of bringing with us are:

playing cards
paper and crayons
coloring books
I'm going to buy each of them one special toy but other than that I am fresh out of ideas. At one point I considered bringing play dough but didn't know if I could get that through security. HELP!!!!


joy said...

what about some of those lacing cards, puppets and of course cars and stickers. those are my suggestions. sounds like a fun plane ride! :)

lindsey cheney said...

i'm a huge fan of aqua doodle and magna doodle - no mess from crayons and markers! if you go the coloring route, little notebooks of paper are better than individual sheets. food always helps pass the time!

Miss Julie's Place said...

A little origami might be fun too. If you don't have a book you can find instructions online for some. Hope that helps.

Carrie Haughey said...

paper airplanes, I don't know how well Zak could follow the instructions, but there are a lot of sites out there, I just Googled paper airplanes and found a bunch! Walkmans/discmans just for them might be good, so they can have their own music or a book on tape to listen to...

Christy said...

Play doh is not a liquid, so I think you could carry it on a plate! The scent of it could bother other passengers though (maybe? do I remember playdoh having that salty smell?)

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