Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm going to go crazy

So, the rest of the story goes like this:

Phillip took the job in Philadelphia but all of us will only need to be out there during the summer
Phillip will be flying out June 3rd
The kids and I will be flying out June 9th from LA so really I will be leaving the central coast on Sunday June 8
This gives me a little over a week to buy luggage, clean the house, pack, wrap up the school year (a bit early) and say good-by to friends. If you are my friend and I don't get to say good-by it's because I have completely and utterly lost my mind.

When my to-do list is longer than my 6 year old I know I am in trouble. Please pray for our family to

find a furnished apartment/house
get all the last minute details taken care of
have a safe and easy 8 hr journey to Philadelphia (we might be bringing an aged relative to help)
be able to put aside my stress and love on my children while I make all the preparations I need to


Brianna Heldt said...

Oh Jacquelyn I'm sorry there's so much to do! Packing up a house and yourself and your kids is a huge task, but I know God will get you thru. I'll be praying for you guys!!!

(Sadly there were a few friends I didn't get to see before I left, but hopefully we can connect next time we're in CA).

Miss Julie's Place said...

Definitely praying. You guys are on our nightly prayer list already, but we'll say a few extra. Try to focus on all the great filed trips you guys get to take this summer. Maybe even over to Red Lion, PA to visit Jenna while she's back there too. I'm jealous!
Wish we could be there to help.

Jacquelyn said...

we certainly have a few field trips planned esp. since Zak will be studying early American history next year!! Thanks for the prayers

Jeannett Gibson said...

Wow...that is quick! When will you guys be back? Will Phillip be out there longer? Maybe I read your post wrong, but the way it sounded, he'd be out there longer?

Let us know if there's anything we can do in the next week...or while you guys are gone!

joy said...

hi, jacquelyn. just call me and you can drop off the kids here to allow yourself time to get things done. if there are other ways i can help, let me know. maybe a dinner or two?

Robbin said...

I probably won't see you before you go, but hope things go well and we'll see you in a few months. I'm just beginning to get more into this blogging thing. Reading more and adding more to my list of "must read blogs". Hopefully will keep up with you this way.

Joanie said...

I will pray for you and completely miss bumping into you around town!

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