Thursday, May 22, 2008

Counting my blessings

1.) Phillip has been out of work for 1 month - and we are doing o.k.!
2.) Phillip is walking around with a cane! yay, no more crutches!!
3.) We get to stay for 6 days at a 4 diamond hotel overlooking Independence park and will be out here for Memorial Day! (The last time Phillip and I flew anywhere together without kids was for our honeymoon so you can imagine how nice this is for us, especially since we're not paying for any of it!)

This morning Phillip and I walked to his interview together and then I went on to explore the area. Right away I could tell things here are a wee bit different.

I know I'm not in Cali anymore because

1.) The water is to the East
2.) I am the only one walking around wearing sunglasses
3.) I can't use my shadow to figure out what direction I'm facing
4.) to keep the brick sidewalks of the tree lined streets clean they use a vacuum
5.) the city of brotherly love has a lot of ... well ... brothas if you know what I'm saying. I guess I had forgotten just how white bread San Luis Obispo is and I'm liking the diversity.

Conclusions: I will be very happy if Phillip ends up taking this job, but only because we would leave as soon as the show finishes in about 7-9 months. (This is the building that his office would be in)


Jeannett Gibson said...

EXCITING! YAY! (Who has the kids?)

Joy said...

oh, jacquelyn--that would just be so exciting to live somewhere else for awhile. the kids are young enough so it wouldn't be too traumatic. and how great to be without kids for a few days.

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