Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was looking through the church bullitin today and saw that some professor is going to speak on Passover next Sunday. I've been very iterrested in Passover and have wanted to celebrate aspects of it in our family for some time for several reasons:

1. It's part of our spiritual heritage
2. The Feast of Unleavened Bread is the Last Supper Christ ate before his death
3. The only place the word "hymn" is mentioned in the bible is in the gospel accounts of the Last Supper and I've been studying hymnology like crazy

Today as I was reading through the ceremony I was struck by the fact that when Jesus "took the cup and gave thanks" he was drinking the 3rd cup of the feast. Why is this interresting? There are 4 cups drunk for the feast and with them the host repeats these four promises

1.) "I will bring you up out of the land of Egypt
2.) I will deliver you from slavery
3.) I will redeem you
4.) I will take you unto Me for a people and I will be your God
(from the accounts in the 4 gospels it looks as if Jesus didn't drink the 4th cup, it makes you wonder ...)

Fascinated? I am! Also, the "hymn" that Jesus sang after this was most likely part of "The Egyptian Hallell" I'm going to have to read through this tonight.

Another aspect of the Seder was to do unusual things that would provoke question (especially from children). There are blessings chanted, strange food that is eaten, ceremonial hand washings at several points in the meal but it looks as if Jesus threw in something extra. He washed the disciples feet. I wonder why he did that (besides the reason given in the text)? There are so many things to learn and ponder when you read about the last evening Jesus spent on earth in light of the Feast of Unleavened Bread I hope I can wait for next Sunday!!

(Oh, and in case you don't know I'm teaching a workshop at the ladies conference titled "Hymns in the Home" which is why I'm studying up on "hymn history")

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Miss Julie's Place said...

Not that you couldn't ahve found this yourself, but you might be interested. A messianic pastor came to Grace just before Easter and explained some of the Seder and how Christ was represented in so many aspects of it. Blessings,

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