Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Poetry Month!

So April is national poetry month and ... I got nuthin'! I've been reading the poetry in the Tribune and have decided that I either don't understand modern poetry, or it's all frightfully pretentious and uninspiring. Maybe I'm the one that is pretentious ... anyway I haven't written much lately so in honor of the creative process here's a poem I wrote last year.


think,think think
think,think think

"the train moved like a lightning crack ..."

I push my backspace back back back

think,think think
think,think think

"her hair was like a waterfall of grey..."

I brushed that little thought away

think,think think
think,think think

"a turbo engine and silver sage ..."

I sighed and quickly turn the page

Over thinking, loads of tripe -
I close the page. I'm done tonight.


Jeannett Gibson said...

I always wonder what's wrong with me when I read poems...half the time I don't get it...half the time I get it but don't know why people bothered spending the time writing them. I guess poetry is one of those things you either get and enjoy...or don't. I'm pretty sure I'm in the latter category. Then again, I'm not much into the arts as a whole in general, so it's par for the course. :)

Jeannett Gibson said... I just re-read that comment and realized that it came across really mean and rude...and that is TOTALLY not what I meant to be/do. I guess what I meant to say is that I don't usually get poetry, and that even when I get it...I still don't "get" it. Got it? Sorry!

Jacquelyn said...

No worries Jeannette, you strike me as such a concrete, no-nonsense, straightforward person you wouldn't have time for some lyric poem about a flower. I don't blame you. The key is to find the good poetry in the load of cow manure that is out there -- in all your free time!
For me poetry is about helping someone see something from a different perspective. Usually it is something very ordinary and just has to do with everyday life but if it motivates you, makes you smile or even elicits a negative response hopefully you have for a moment thought about it in a different way. Helpful? (you are still allowed to hate poetry, I dont' mind)

Joy said...

i totally get where jeannett is coming from. i think a lot of the time, i just don't take the time to try and get it. thanks for your explanation, though. it helps!

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