Friday, April 4, 2008


So Phillip made it through his 3 hour surgery ... in 8 hours!!! I guess there was a nerve they had to hunt for and the rest of the damage was even more extensive than they had hoped. Either that or the Doctor was optimistic to begin with and we didn't really know it. The recovery nurse said Phillip was awake when they wheeled him out of surgery but he doesn't remember it. I wasn't able to see him for awhile because every time I asked for him (I was in the waiting room much of the time) they told me something different. At one point they said:
a. he had already left
b. he wasn't there
c. they couldn't find him, and
d. he wasn't out of surgery (this after the doctor had come and talked to me to tell me how the surgery had gone.)

The good news? He's alive and the surgery was successful and his room mate is the saltiest old codger I've ever met. He's given us a good laugh or too and given the nurses h-ll. (direct quote: my wife divorced me 10 years ago and it was the biggest favor she'd ever done me" Phillip and I couldn't stop giggling so he continued to regale us with his gruff stories.)
The bad news? He's in so much pain he isn't able to go home yet because I can't inject him with morphine and all the other stuff they are giving him. It's horrible to see him suffer.

If you are a prayer (and even if you aren't) please keep Him in your prayers!!


Joy said...

glad to hear that things went well and that phillip hadn't actually left already without you and that the hospital staff was finally able to find him. we will continue to pray and so sorry about all the pain. it will end and he will be walking again--cade is a testament to that.

Erica said...

I will continue to pray for him. I'm glad the surgery went well. I still haven't heard what happened exactly but I'll look forward to that later :-). I miss you all.

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