Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playground missionary

What is the worth of a human soul?
Is it worth an hour in the cold being bold,
telling the untold that their broad, easy road leads to fool's gold?
What is the value of your time
if you're spending each and every dime
on grasping and reaching and straining for stuff
when outside your neighbor isn't worth enough to pray for
or walk next door to tell her more about the One she's just waiting for.
You were worth it to God, are they worth it to you
to drop that extra long list of "To Do"
to stay at the park until dark to exchange a question mark for a new heart?
The question isn't "What can I impart?", it's much more basic -
"Lord, please show me how to start".

1 comment:

Phillip Moses said...

Woah, sweetie... this one is great.

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