Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where's a good soapbox when you need one?

I just love Chumash park! It's so conducive to long conversations, the kids pretty much ran around screaming for 2 hours last Wednesday while I passionately preached the gospel to my friend. The great thing about it was that since the kids were screaming I had to raise my voice a bit which meant that the 5 other moms around us got to listen in ( and I knew that they were by the looks they were giving me). This friend of mine has so many questions, deep, philosophical, cosmological ect (she's a prof at a local college) I was challenged and delighted to delve into some of those questions that I wonder about in my head but never get to hash out in a conversation. I know she was amazed to hear that I have questions and doubts at times, and I was amazed that she would ask so many questions about the consequences of rejecting Christianity. (I'm also glad that Eliot's Cubbies verse this week was "I will never leave you or forsake you." because I needed the help!)

Praise the Lord that every time I ask for an opportunity to share my faith he answers my prayers!! Praise the Lord that when I ask for his help for what to say or do in a situation, - he gives me the words and the direction! Praise the Lord that when he encourages me to do something as an act of obedience, His Holy Spirit helps me do it. (Yeah, I started this post a week ago and haven't gotten around to editing and publishing it until today)

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