Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, the irony ... did I not just say he was accident prone
Today I am thankful for:

1.) An Urgent Care that was open on Thanksgiving
2.) A friendly and efficient staff at said Urgent Care
3.) That the cut that covers 40% of Eliot's hard palate won't require oral surgery
4.) That the pharmacy was open on Thanksgiving
5.) That God blessed me with peace and a calm exterior when I saw the soft tissue protruding from the cut.

What happened you ask? Eliot and Zak were brushing their teeth in the bathroom. I suspect there was a little horsing around going on as well so when Zak ran out of the bathroom and bumped in to Eliot, Eliot's toothbrush cut the roof of his mouth. I'm also thankful that the toothbrush went up instead of straight back. Sorry for the gore, I am truely very greatful that he is o.k. I am amazed at how quickly we got seen by the doctor, got our perscription and came home (less than 2 hours from the time of the incident!!). Eliot is very excited about the prospect of eating nothing but smoothies, juice and ice cream for the next two days and Zak is just so relieved that Eliot is o.k (so am I).

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joy said...

jacquelyn, you've got to be kidding! that is awful--poor little guy. i am thankful for you, too, that all those things lined up. how's he feeling today?

Joy said...

can we do anything for you? do you need anything? just call us if you do. we'll be praying.

Jacquelyn said...

Thanks for asking Joy, Eliot is o.k. today -- no pain! The swelling has gone down and I am amazed at how fast his cut has healed. Good thing too -- I caught him eating cheerios off of the floor since I wouldn't give him anything but smoothies today!

Phillip Moses said...

Poor little Eliot. I can't leave you alone for too long... Who knows what might happen to you!

Carrie Haughey said...

aw, poor little bug!! Glad he is doing better.

Are we on for this Wednesday? I am pretty sure I have nothing else going on!!! :0)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Poor guy! I had no idea a toothbrush could cut that badly! Poor kid! Glad to hear it is healing nicely.

Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Yikes! Sounds like quite the exciting Thanksgiving! I just found your blog again through your commment on Kristi's blog. We'd lost the address, so have been absent for quite awhile, but we'll be regular visitors again. =) Hope you all are doing well and that Eliot is recovering!

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