Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Eliot!

Wow! Four year have just flown by ... Eliot, you are my little imp, my silly one, my creative thinker, my clumsy, accident-prone delight and I don't mind telling the world I love you!

From asking me if we can make pancakes out of clouds to second degree burns from that marshmellow you roasted this summer you have always kept me on my toes. You have grown up so much in the past few months! I'm glad you still have time to snuggle and hug me whenever I ask.

And if any of you are wondering why there are no pictures to accumpany this blog it is because:

1.)Phillip took my computer with him to Korea and it has all my pictures on it
2.) Our camera was stolen when our car was broken into
3.) My brand new camera phone took a wee bit of a bath and will live out its days as an expensive watch since all it can do right now is keep time.

Boo Hoo ... oh, well, the PB&J cake was surprisingly delicious and Eliot was delighted to get something that was so uniquely suited to him! (It was also wayyyyyyyyyyy easier than the train cake we made last year).

We had celebrated a "Friend Birthday" at Chuck E. Cheese (a.k.a kid Vegas) on Saturday and did "Family Birthday" today with Nana, Papa, Tia, Nini and Uncle Chris Eliot needed and recieved all the afirmation, attention and encouragment that a middle child could want and went to bed a very happy 4 year old.

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