Monday, October 8, 2007

Girls night out!!

In case you didn't get my evite invitation (sometimes it gets recognized as spam) you are all invited on October 19th to "Fabulous Faces" Girls Night out. The main reason I'm hosting this party is because 25% of the evening's sales will go to the Borlands to help offset their adoption costs. Since their adoption is up in the air right now it will be great to hear from Kristin and find out how things are going. So click on the link, enter your name and email in the RSVP box, bring a friend and join me as we learn how to take care of our faces.


Kristen Borland said...

hey, jacquelyn! i rsvped that i can't come because we'll be out of town. :( but i do want to say thank you and that we are still waiting to hear some more specific updates about the adoption, but we'll keep you guys posted. i talked to our contact at the agency (we email constantly!) yesterday about the worse case scenario. at this point, the worse case scenario is things will be put on hold january 1st until april 1st (when the U.S. signs the treaty), but they are still hopeful that cases will be grandfathered through. but, like with any international adoption, nothing is certain until your little one is home with you!

Jacquelyn said...

Well that stinks Kristen! I guess I should have coordinated that date with you! maybe you could give me a brief description of what you are trying to do and a picture. You can email me by clicking the link on the sidebar.

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