Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A rose by any other name ...

Everyone in our house has a nickname, some of us have several. Here is the rundown

me: Piglett, Pigaletto, little pig (note: Phillip is the ONLY person on earth allowed to call me any of those and I will not explain how I got that name)

Phillip: Pmo, it started as P-mo at work (a switch from the very brief "Mad-eye-Moses") and now he is introduced to clients and new hires as Pmo. It confuses people when I call Phillip at work and ask for him using his real name.

Zak: "Zak man", "Zak attack" and "giggle spit" (he hates that last one)

Eliot: poor guy, his nickname is "smelliot" and he loves it! (It used to be smelly-butt but that was just too crass a name for my little boy)

and last but not least there is "Yelliannah" geez, I wonder why such a quiet, demure little thing would get such a name?

Just so you know, these are family nicknames (except for Phillip's) and if anyone tries to use them outside our family they might get hit. I'm not kidding ...

So what are your family nicknames? do you have any?

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Phillip Moses said...

Ok, you know what's going to happen now, don't you?

Anytime you tell someone your nickname, then say, "don't call me that... ever..." You can pretty much guarantee that you're going to get called that nickname.

Also, it's not "Pmo". The name has been carefully branded into any of the following iterations ONLY:

or Pimo (I have recently started preferring this spelling because it has connotations of my location to Pismo...)

That is all...

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